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History Roadshow – Autumn Lectures

Ireland’s “Long Decade” – 1912-1923 – was the most turbulent and transformative time in the nation’s recent history. Partition, the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence, the Irish Civil War, the 1913 Lockout all happened during those few years – and all, of course, in the shadow of World War 1. Upwards of 40,000 Irish people died as a result of the various conflicts, with many more maimed and injured, and many iconic public buildings destroyed.

From loss and destruction, however, began to emerge a new nation. Ireland’s fledgling self-government, the First Dáil, was established in 1919, the Anglo-Irish Treaty signed in 1921 and the Constitution of the Irish Free State adopted in 1922 – giving the vote to all Irish citizens over the age of 21, including women.

As Ireland’s “Decade of Centenaries” draws to a close, Pegasus Consulting is offering universities, colleges and institutions a unique package of presentations, many featuring the intersection of Irish, UK and US history.

Catch the roadshow at your local library…


David McCullagh, From Truce to Treaty: de Valera’s 1921 – Saturday, September 4, 11am

Turtle Bunbury, Irish Women & Global Leaders – September 21, 7pm

Ian Kenneally, The War On Newspapers, 1921-23 – Thursday, 21 October, 7pm

Liz Gillis, Margaret Pearse and Revolutionary Women – Thursday, November 11, 7pm


Liz Gillis, Children during the War of Independence – Thursday, June 24

Myles Dungan, What did you do in the War of Independence, Grandad? – Thursday, July 15

Sinead McCoole, How to Research and Write an Irish Family History – Thursday, September 9, 7pm

Ida Milne, The other great pandemic: Spanish flu in Ireland 1918-19 – Monday, October 4, 12.30-1.30

Liz Gillis, Children during the War of Independence – Friday, October 8 at 10am


Mallow Field Club, Friday, December 3 – Myles Dungan, What did you do in the War of Independence, Grandad?

Turtle Bunbury. Pic: Mark Condren


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