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Author Lisa Harding shortlisted for national award…

CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa Harding – whose novel, “Harvesting”, has been shortlisted in the best newcomer category for the Irish Book Awards!
The debut novel from the Pegasus author, also a well-known actor, explores the seedy underworld of sex trafficking. The Irish Independent’s Deirdre Conroy calls it “one of the most gut-wrenching, shiver-inducing pieces of fiction I have ever read… Each line is gripping: mind and body are hooked into a world you don’t want to know exists, but which thrives under our very noses.”
Lisa Harding was motivated to write about the subject after reading firsthand accounts of trafficked girls, in a campaign against sex trafficking of minors by the Body Shop and the Children’s Rights Alliance.
If you’d like to help Lisa, and support this important work, please go to this link and vote – and vote, and vote…


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